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- Hair Loss

- Bald Spots

- Receding Hairline

- Thinning Hair

- Thinning Brows

- Alopecia

- Head Scars

- Brow Scars

- Mustache or Beard Thinning

Everybody has different needs. Every case is different. Therefore, it is difficult to generally price our services. 

A FREE consultation is encouraged to determine your specific & permanent hair simulation solution. 

We guarantee our work for up to 12 months, after the completion of the treatment (s).

3 sessions or more may be required for hair simulation in the scalp area.

2 sessions  or more may be necessary. for brow area.

Treatment time varies per client.

Topical numbing is used during our procedures for less discomfort. 

Disposables are used for each client.

Hair Simulation


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